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When's Happy Hour

Oct 23, 2018

Sami and Aleen are back and joined by Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat. Danielle started her journey as a fashion influencer after she transferred from University of Wisconsin to FIT and began documenting her classmates chic style. She is now an entrepreneur who’s expanded her brand into spaces well beyond instagram. At 6:20 Danielle explains what drove her to push her business past instagram. At 7:00 she explains that her career began to soar once she started asking for equity in the brands that were hoping to rely on her expertise for free, a practice that she feels more young female entrepreneurs should be aware of. At 12:00 they talk about the hardest part of being an instagram influencer, which is meeting people’s expectations of them. At 18:40 Danielle remembers the time she knew that it was time to build a team to help her expand her business and what the process entailed. At 27:55 Danielle breaks down her mistakes to avoid for a successful instagram.