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When's Happy Hour

Sep 25, 2018

Sami and Aleen are excited to bring you the inaugural episode of “When’s Happy Hour”! They are joined by creator of Drybar and Queen of blowouts, Alli Webb. Alli started Drybar because she has curly hair which was not blowout friendly. Aleen and Sami share the sentiment. At 7:20 Aleen remembers a childhood trip to Supercuts that ended in utter disappointment. At 9:15 Alli explains the creation of Drybar’s infrastructure and how it operates now. At 11:00 Alli explains what it’s like to be in business with her husband and her brother. At 31:20 Alli talks about her wayward life path that prepared her to be the business woman she is today. At 50:00 Alli gives advice for for future entrepreneurs.