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When's Happy Hour

Oct 9, 2018

Sami is back and joined by New York Times bestselling author, Alexa Von Tobel. Sami has a lot of questions about her financial future, and luckily, Alexa has all the answers. At 10:05 Alexa breaks down the process of creating a practical budget, which is something that most people don’t seem to have. At 17:00 Alexa explains why investing is more important than saving because investing helps people beat inflation. At 23:40 Alexa reveals the minimum amount you should have in your emergency savings account and how fu*ked you might be if you’re over 30 and haven’t started saving for retirement yet. At 26:30 they break down the difference between good debt, and bad debt. At 36:30 they talk about the education of money and why it isn’t taught to the public as general education. Most people feel stressed about money, but Sami and Alexa are hoping to give you the saving habits to take the pressure off